Services to Other Insolvency Practitioners


Fellow Insolvency Practitioners will be aware that in appropriate Corporate Formal Insolvency Appointments there is a requirement, from time to time, in specific circumstances, to have their Intromissions Audited by the Court and their Remuneration Fixed by the Court. 

Those fellow professionals will be well aware that the Court of Session, Glasgow Sheriff Court and Stirling Sheriff Court will not accept nominations in appropriate Applications to the Court for the appointment of a specifically named Reporter.  

Our Colin Hastings is of course an Approved Reporting Accountant for each of these three Courts but that is a separate matter. 

Where the Process of the insolvency appointment is being handled in any Sheriffdom other than Glasgow and Stirling, it is open to the Insolvency Practitioner to nominate a suitably qualified individual to be appointed as Reporter.  We at Hastings & Co. would welcome the nomination of our Colin Hastings as the Reporter in those Sheriffdoms from time to time and would welcome the opportunity of discussing such nominations when they are being considered.