Services to Accountants, Independent Financial Advisors & Others



It is often the case that a client's Accountant is the first to become aware of the insolvency of the client either as an individual trader or a Limited Company. 

It may be that the Accountant having identified the insolvency is not qualified to advise their client on the appropriate course of action which should be taken.

Independent Financial Advisors

From time to time, Independent Financial Advisors may be confronted with clients advising them that they believe that they or their Company are in financial distress and may well be insolvent. 

The client being used to relying on the advice of their IFA may erroneously think that the IFA is qualified to provide appropriate advice on insolvency but of course this is not the case.

We welcome all enquiries from Accountants, Independent Financial Advisors and other Professional Advisors who find themselves in that situation and would encourage them to make contact with us to arrange a consultation with their client to corroborate the financial position and provide appropriate advice.

Such consultations can be held at the Advisor's office if required. 

Whilst we are prepared to have informal discussions with any such Advisor on a free ,informal consultation basis so that they have more knowledge when speaking to their clients, it is best that a full formal consultation is held with the client to ensure there is no misunderstanding on the provision of information to the client given their critical financial circumstances.