Corporate Consultation Process


This is simply a meeting or a series of meetings between our staff and the Directors of a distressed Company.

The meetings which are free of charge can be held either at the Company's trading premises or at our offices and if the Directors wish to be accompanied by their Accountants or Solicitors then this is encouraged by us.

The consultation is a simple three stage exercise as follows:-

Provision of Information

A brief history of the nature of the Company's trade, its current trading position and an outline of its assets and liabilities is supplied by the Directors.

Whilst it is preferable that financial information relative to assets and liabilities is accurate, it is not essential that up to date management accounting information is presented and simply estimates of the position can be provided verbally.

The Due Consideration Exercise

This is an exercise carried out by our senior staff where they consider all of the information supplied by the Directors with a view to formulating the advice to be given in each Company's individual circumstances.

This process, which is carried out during the consultation exercise, may involve supplementary questions by our staff to gain a greater insight into any given position all with a view to ensuring that the quality of advice provided at this critical time is appropriate in the circumstances.

Provision of Advice

At the conclusion of the consultation exercise our staff will advise on the appropriate course of action given the Company's circumstances.

The quality of advice given at this time will depend on the quality of the information supplied by the Directors.

The advice could fall into a variety of categories, too numerous to expand in this website, but would include the following:-

Commence steps to have the Company wound up, i.e. Liquidation.

To seek the  protection from creditors afforded by formal Administration.

A restructuring of the Company and or its business.

Advice on the merits, legality and feasibility of refinancing the Company by way of a further share  issues etc.

The foregoing is simply an outline of the type of advice which may be given in the particular circumstances of any case.