Debt Recovery


A creditor often finds themselves to be in a position where they have evidence of sums due to them by a third party, be it an individual or a Company, and indeed they may have exhausted the legal process to the point where they hold Decree in respect of sums due to them.  

Even holding Decree in no way guarantees that the sums due by the third party, against whom Decree has been obtained, will make payment of the sums due. 

We at Hastings & Co. can assist creditors by seeking to recover sums due from debtors in our capacity as Insolvency Practitioners with this assistance being given via various means which would be fully discussed and agreed with a creditor in advance and would be appropriate to the circumstances of the nature of the debt and the debtor. 

There is little benefit to creditors generally in describing the activities which we would undertake in such an assignment as, to do so, could potentially assist debtors in countering such efforts.  

If creditors wish further information on the services offered by our Firm relative to the Debt Recovery outwith the formal insolvency process, then they should contact us to make an appointment to discuss the circumstances of any given case and agree the terms of the assignment.