Debt Consultation


What is a debt consultation ?

This is simply a meeting between yourself and a representative of Hastings & Co., to obtain information from you, answer any questions you have and offer appropriate advice.

What does it cost ?

There are no charges for consultations.

Where are consultations held ?

These are normally held at  our offices, however, they can be held at another location if requested, such as the following:-

Your home.

Your solicitors or accountants' office.

Your place of business.

Your debt counsellor's office.

Any other agreed location. 

When are consulations held ?

Normally these are held during business hours, between Monday to Friday.  Consultations outwith these times and days can be arranged.

Are consulations confidential ?

All insolvency consultations are confidential.  Contact is not made by any third party as a result of your consultation.  Any  information supplied by you is retained by us to be  used if you choose to proceed to formal insolvency, however, if you choose not to proceed, documents are returned to you and other information confidentially destroyed after an appropriate period of time.

How do I arrange a consultation ?

If you are arranging this personally simply telephone our office to make the arrangements.  When telephoning simply say that you wish to arrange for an "insolvency consultation".

If you have been consulting a solicitor, accountant or debt counsellor they will probably make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Who can attend ?

Obviously you do, however, you can have anyone else in attendance you wish.

What information should I bring with me ? 

As the purpose of the consultation is to establish your overall financial position, you should bring with you the following :-

Photographic Identification.

Bank statements for last three months, if available.

Payslips for last three months, if available or other proof of income.

Details of your creditors - this can be a list but it would be helpful if the last statement could be provided or the most recent letters from your creditors.

Details of your assets - mortgage statements, vehicle finance agreements, investments, share certificates etc, if available.

Monthly income and expenditure statement

Whilst advice can be given based on estimated information, the quality of the advice given is very much dependent on the quality of information received.

What happens afterwards ?

This is entirely up to you.  We will provide you with appropriate advice based on your circumstances and may suggest various options that are suitable for you.  It is then for you to decide how you wish to proceed and a further meeting will then be arranged to progress matters.   No decisions will be made at the initial consultation nor will any documents be signed.  This is to allow you sufficient time to consider your options and it will be your decision on when to proceed and how to proceed.