Services to Solicitors


From the very start, we at Hastings & Co. have worked with numerous Legal Firms throughout Scotland on insolvency matters and the range of services on this two way street is, of course, myriad and well known generally to the legal profession.  However for the avoidance of doubt we would summarise such service as follows:-

Informal Advice

We at Hastings & Co. are always available to take informal enquiries from solicitors who are faced with insolvency related questions from their clients, either in their capacity as Debtors or Creditors, particularly from those solicitors who do not have a working knowledge of Personal and Corporate Insolvency Law. 

We continue to offer this facility to such fellow professionals on an informal non fee paying basis and would welcome any relevant enquiries. 

Formal Appointment Nomination

From time to time solicitors will find themselves being requested by their clients to Petition for the Sequestration of a Debtor's estate or the Liquidation of a Company.

We would welcome the opportunity of discussing our acceptance of nomination for such appointments and, if required, we can assist with the Process requirements. 

Where a solicitor has a client who is in financial difficulty either an individual, a Partnership or a Limited Company we would welcome the opportunity of meeting with their client to discuss the financial position and provide appropriate advice.  Such meetings can be held at the solicitor's office in the presence of the solicitor, if that is preferred.


In addition to the provision of the above services by our Company, we would of course welcome contact from solicitors wishing to carry out insolvency related work.  That is, following on from instructions from ourselves in any given insolvency assignment.